Windows Azure 関連資料の日本語化

Windows Azure WebSitePythonが動作するとの情報を知り合いのスペシャリストの方からいただいきましたので、どれくらい使いやすいのか?など調査したいと考えて、下記のURLより Free Previewに参加しました。
Windows Azure Platformとは、(ウィンドウズ・アジュール・プラットフォーム)は、マイクロソフトクラウド プラットフォームPaaS)です。
Windows Azure をご存知ない方は、下記へアクセスを!

Now that we've received from the specialists who know the information to work with Python in the Windows Azure WebSite, or how easy to use? I would like to study, etc. joined the Free Preview from the following URL.
Once you have verified toward the Japanese engineers, so there was a of respondents are hesitant to get involved because the English technical documentation, so troublesome time and effort when read back later to then of the investigation, has started a Japanese translation. I think some users will increase The more opportunity to come in contact with the eyes of many people.
With the Windows Azure Platform, the (Windows-Azur platforms), Microsoft's cloud platform is (PaaS).
Currently, it is being carried out free of charge Toraiyaru 90 days, for those who want to learn, such as cloud-related mechanism is recommended.
You want to skill up, how many students and job hunting society of people, now is your chance.
If you do not know the Windows Azure is to access below!

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